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Mindfulness Painting Experience
Mindfulness Painting Experience is a powerful, intuitive, spiritual practice. It is a form of creative self-expression, using paint, paper and brushes. It is an improvizational experience. In this form, painting techniques are not necessary nor will they be taught, and you do not need to know how to draw to access your inner creative source here. Simply bring your openness to discovery, curiosity and willingness to dive into the unknown. What you gain is a more interactive relationship with your intuition, and that process allows you access to your creative self-expression. Mindfulness Painting Experience is a practice that opens your creativity without concern for the results; develops greater trust in your intuition; gives you a way to explore unknown aspects of yourself and expands your sense of freedom and possibilities. Lastly, Mindfulness Painting Experience can transform limiting attitudes and habits, opening you to meet life’s challenges with imagination and courage. People come who have never picked up a brush and who have told themselves, “I can’t draw” or” I can’t paint” only to find their inner painter alive and well. Also, experienced artists with years of training can find a deeper sense of creativity and freedom from this intuitive approach. For more information about the Mindfulness Painting Process, click here to view Jody’s interview with Suzanne Scurlock- Durana discussing the  art of Mindfulness Painting.

What is Mindfulness Painting

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana and Jody Tompros
Creating Art from the Soul